TTW009: Ticklish – Reboots Vol. 4

Ticklish continues successful his reboots series with a new album, which comes from the label of our friends from weboogie. Ticklish showing us again that he has a great sense for dope samples, catchy chords and genre-crossing grooves, of course everything in the tradition of chicago footwork. We are really looking foward to the 6th of February because Temp Affairs and WeBoogie will realise two stages within the scope of the CTM festival at Yaam. We have a lot of great acts and Ticklish will be taking part too.You can be sure its gonna be a great event.

Ticklish Facebook
Ticklish Soundcloud

(TTW009 – KW 02) presented by ACOID


cover-1Its more than 21 years ago when the underground Tape „Smoked Out, Loced Out“ was released by Triple Six Mafia (November 25, 1994!) Main members Lord Infamous and Koopsta Knicca died in 2013 and 2015, respectively. But the original memphis sound is still alive and has a great impact on the current trill and trap movement. Dj Sacred goes back to the good old days and serves a real classic memphis mixtape with famous memphis vocal snippets. Snares slapping hard and melodies moving in ethereal spheres. I know nothing about Dj Sacred but he seems to have a connection to Doomshop Records. 

DJ SACRED: „Real shyt never dies. Peace“

(TTW008 – KW 01) presented by ACOID


TTW007: Black Kray – Shitty Sickboy

a0024192439_10-1This time at “Tape of the Week“: Black Kray – Shitty Sickboy

Black Kray aka Foreighn Jetski aka Gothboi aka Gvcci Kray aka Lil’ Rari aka Lil’ Shye aka Baby Moet aka Ferrari Kray aka Icedoutuzi`s new album dropped two weeks ago on December 16, 2003. 2003? Yes, Kray has a preference for the early 2000s. (his passion for flip phones is just one example) The Gothboi and his label Goth money created a unique internet sound which can be placed in the orbit of sad boys and team shesh. The 18-year-old artist from the Richmond,Virginia cannot be defined. He makes music that ranges between the 90s memphis lo fi sound, emotional pop and trill or like he says: seapunk and witch house. Sometimes i have serious problems to understand him. Maybe this is due to the fact that he records his tracks at his grandmas place with the mic of a laptop but fuck that: Its Gvcci Kray and he is the shit.


(TTW007- KW 53) presented by ACOID

TTW006: Yung Simmie – OG Smoke

095decd2de65446fd05cThis time at “Tape of the Week“: Yung Simmie – OG Smoke

Yung simmie Birthday Is today and he  gift us with a real phonk  music ep. So you better put the trill on your ipod and vibe with simmie. Simmie is one of the first Members of the Rvdxr Klvn/Raider clan. The underground clan stands for classic trill phonk music. Artist like Spacegostpurpp, Amber London, Denzel Curry and Chris Travis are part of the Clan. If you didn’t check them out yet you have to…

The Original 275 OG from Miami describes his music as southern grind ambition music. I love the vibe you feel when you listen to his music. There is a dope ass beat and yung simmie comes with his typical  phonk flow that mostly sounds like freestyle rap .

What a nice gift. BUMBUMBUM.

The release was today.

(TTW006- KW 51) presented by ACOID


TTW005: Wiki – LIL ME

This time at “Tape of the Week“: Wiki’s DeWIKI-Lil-Mebut Solo Album ‘Lil Me’

Wiki has released a new project titled Lil Me. The man is better known as frontman of the American hip hop group Ratking from New York City. The group formed in 2011 and their music has been described as “left-field hip-hop. Ratking consisting of Wiki, Hak and Sporting Life. Back to the Album : Briliiant New York rap with dope ass beats. Can you dig it ? Yes! Its it’s entirely for free… Production comes from Kaytranada, Madlib, Black Milk, Lee Bannon, Harry Fraud and Sporting Life. Any more questions? Shit is hot. You definitly should keep an eye on wiki and his group ratking.

The digital release was 3 days ago.

(TTW005- KW 50) presented by ACOID

TTW004: Curtis Heron & Cat Soup – DIOTIC

a3205297776_16Our “Tape of the Week”:

Curtis Heron & Cat Soup – DIOTIC

The mixture of dreamy soundscapes with ethereal beats on the album gives the perfect soundtrack for the bad weather these days. In addition the short album includes a really nice feature with the emotional and sincere rapper bones, who  released a full album last monday called: Bones – Hermit Of East Grand River (Download). The description on the bandcamp site says it all:”some songs”. Curtis Heron, Cat Soup and Bones are  members of team SESH.

Beats: Curtis Heron, Cat Soup
Vocals: Bones

released November 25, 2015
(TTW004- KW 49 ) presented by ACOID

Live From Earth bei ARTE Tracks

Hallo Leute!
Im vergangenen Oktober bekamen wir Post von ARTE Tracks, diese zeigten Interesse daran, einen Beitrag über “Cloud Rap” zu machen. Yung Hurn und LGoony waren gerade für unser damals erstmalig stattfindendes, kleines Festival “Temp Affairs” in der Stadt, so ließ sich das Ganze gut verbinden. Das Ergebnis könnt ihr euch nun auf oder auf angucken. ARTE hat fleißig recherchiert und dabei weitere wichtige Künstler wie SMIB, Bello Figo, Ta-Ha oder den unantastbaren Based God Lil B in ihrem kleinen, gut gelungenen Beitrag nicht vergessen. An dieser Stelle möchten wir uns noch mal herzlich bei ARTE bedanken und natürlich auch dem Internet unsere s/o ausdrücken. Bis bald Leute

TTW003: $uicideboy$ – Now the Moon’s Rising

a0095708844_10This time at “Tape of the Week”: $uicideboy$ – Now the Moon’s Rising

“God is dead. Aliens exist. The New World Order is real and in full effect. Smoke weed everyday.“
Everyone who is into that trill, cloud rap game, will not be able to get around these guys. New Orleans based duo $uicideBoy$ sound like a hybrid of old Three 6 Mafia and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. The subject matters of the $uicideBoy$ are mostly focused on spirituality and occult mysticim. $crim and Oddy Nuff are well known for heavy beats ($crim) and a raw and evil style. On their new album they heat the fire again staight on 666 degress.
„smoke dat till we pass out“


The digital release was 6 days ago on G59 records.

(TTW003- KW 48) presented by ACOID


TTW002: DJ Paypal – Sold Out

a2585146595_16This time at “Tape of the Week”: DJ Paypal‘s double LP for Brainfeeder.

We hope you guys can still remember that one night where Teklife member DJ Paypal used to keep the crowd dancing. It was a blast having him at our party on 17th october at OHM in Berlin. Now we are more than happy to announce his new album which is out now on Flying Lotus’ Label Brainfeeder. Not only footwork and juke fans might get lucky, there are a lot of hip hop, jazz, soul and african vibes you can find on this double vinyl. Make sure to get one of 800 limited copies unless it’s gone foreverrrrrr!

Sold Out features DJ Earl, DJ Taye, Nangdo and more. The digital release was on November 13. The vinyl shipping out on or around 04 December 2015.

(TTW002- KW 47) presented by ACOID



TTW001: Lord Apex – Live from los santos


As from today, Live from earth will bring you every wednesday a recommendation of a mixtape, album or ep… We call it Tape of the week (TTW).

We all know Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. The third game in the legendary Grand Theft Auto series had a great impact on our childhood.

London based Artist Lord Apex shows what is about being creatively inspired by a game and takes us back to the streets of los santos.

released November 6, 2015 (TTW001- KW 46) presented by ACOID

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